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Green Hills Group Established in 2006 is a registered Nonprofit organization. We are working to preserving the natural beauty and ecological diversity of the hills surrounding Pune city. With a dedicated team of core volunteers and the invaluable support of passionate nature lovers, our mission encompasses rainwater harvesting, tree plantation, and the maintenance of biodiversity. Corporate funding plays a pivotal role in covering their day-to-day expenses, allowing Green Hills Group to focus on their primary goal: keeping the hills around Pune green and raising awareness about the importance of environmental protection. Our efforts are not only enhancing the local ecosystem but also inspiring a stronger sense of environmental stewardship within the community.

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The 'Green Hills Group,' which started as a small initiative in 2004, has flourished over time with  40+ dedicated volunteers, selflessly contribute to preserve and rejuvenate the Hills in and around Pune.

We are working actively on Chatursinghi, Hanuman Hill, Vetal hill behind ARAI company, Vandevi Hill, and Narhe Hills. Currently, we are nurturing thousands of native trees, representing more than 80 different species. The remarkable transformation is evident in our before-and-after pictures, showcasing the evolution from barren land to a thriving green forest.

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We use Continuous contour trenches (CCT) for Tree Plantation. These trenches,serve a dual purpose: preventing soil loss and enhancing water retention. This eco-friendly technique plays a pivotal role in tree plantation.

We also follow the practice of growing native trees by collecting our own seeds, nurturing saplings, and then facilitating their plantation is a powerful tool for biodiversity conservation. Growing saplings from collected seeds allows us to foster the growth of resilient and regionally adapted tree populations.  

In addition to our core environmental initiatives, Green Hills Group is deeply committed to raising environmental awareness within our society. Each year, on World Environment Day, we organize exhibitions aimed at spreading awareness about pressing environmental issues. Furthermore, we actively engage with schools, conducting regular environmental awareness sessions. Additionally, we believe in the power of collective effort, and we consistently encourage more and more volunteers to participate in our weekly environmental drives.

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