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Our humble beginning

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It all started way back in 2004. Late Shri Ravi Purandare and Shrikant Paranjpe were passionate about mother-nature, about environment, about the eco system. They came together and formed a small group ‘Green Hills Group’.  The motley group had doctors, engineers, bankers, entrepreneurs. But the diverse group was always unanimous on one objective and that was to increase Pune’s green cover, to keep Pune’s hills green. Over the last eighteen years (and counting), this small idea blossomed into a vibrant community of around 125 passionate volunteers taking care of seven hills in and around Pune.

Spreading the wings

Green Hills group activities commenced on a small scale at Hanuman Hill behind FC college and symbiosis college  in 2004, initiated by the then founder members namely Late Shri Ravi Purandare and Shrikant Paranjpe. Over time, many passionate people joined them and the team expanded its efforts to encompass other hills such as Chatushrungi Hill ,  Vetal tekdi behind ARAI company, Forest land near Swami narayan mandir Narhe , Vanadevi Mandir in Kothrud and more.

We were fortunate to receive guidance from the late Takalkar, who introduced the Continuous Contour Trench (CCT) Technique. This technique involves digging trenches at a right angle to the slope, strategically planned along contour lines. This method effectively halts the downhill flow of water, promoting water percolation into the soil below. Consequently, it contributes to an increase in the water table in the surrounding areas.

Principles we follow ...

We follow certain principles, we Plant native trees only suitable for local environment. Native plants play a critical role in the health of our ecosystem by supporting biodiversity also Native species are best adapted to our local environment. We collect our own seeds and germinate them at our own Nursery before plant them.

We also plan which spices to plant next to each other. We donot use any  chemical based fertilizers or insecticides used during plantation. We Encourage volunteers, students, children to participate in the Tree Plantation drives 

Tree plantation involves the year-round maintenance of trees. In the summer, we ensure that trees receive a consistent water supply. To achieve this, we have established water tanks at regular intervals, connected to the main tank through pipes. On slopes, drip systems have been installed, while on plateaus, a limited quantity of water sprinklers are in place.

After the monsoon season, we conduct maintenance on the drip system, which includes cleaning and replacing pipes. Additionally, we engage in soil work, clean Continuous Contour Trenches (CCT), and regularly remove grass to prevent any accidental wildfires. Protection measures against termites are also implemented to safeguard our trees.

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As a Part  of our environmental protection initiatives, we conduct a Flower Collection Drive during Navaratri at Chaturshringi Hills. With the assistance of local school students, we collect flowers and segregate them from plastic and other materials. The collected flowers are utilized to prepare organic manure, which, in turn, is employed during tree plantations. The plastic items are handed over to relevant agencies, contributing to the cleanliness of the environment

In the past several years, volunteers from numerous well-known corporate entities have visited our various sites, actively participating in various plantation and tree nurturing activities. Many organizations extend invitations to members of the Green Hills Group team to deliver talks on environmental awareness as part of their Environment Week initiatives. Additionally, these corporates provide valuable financial support, contributing to our day-to-day expenses, as well as covering major costs associated with equipment, water supply provisions such as water tanks, plumbing work, drip systems, and more.

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Thanks to the dedicated and sustained efforts of numerous volunteers who focused on the plantation of native trees and related activities, we are witnessing the restoration of biodiversity on the hills. We have successfully planted over 85 species of trees that attract birds and butterflies.


As a result, we can now observe a thriving presence of various birds, butterflies, peacocks, rabbits, and snakes on the hill. Our endeavors have undoubtedly paid off, contributing to the significant restoration of biodiversity in the area.

The Green Hills Group is actively engaged in promoting awareness about environmental protection. Annually, on World Environment Day, observed on the 5th of June, we organize an exhibition focused on environmental awareness. In recent years, we have expanded our efforts by inviting various organizations involved in environmental protection activities to showcase their contributions.

Our commitment extends to visiting schools, delivering talks on environmental awareness, conducting plantation drives with school children, and donating saplings to various schools and institutes. We also provide necessary assistance with tree plantation and support other green initiatives in the community.

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Our 19 years of unwavering dedication and contributions to environmental protection have been widely acknowledged by numerous organizations and the media. We've earned several awards and recognitions that appreciate our efforts in this regard.

If you aspire to be part of the Green Transformation journey and actively contribute to the diverse activities of the Green Hills Group, we invite you to join us on any Saturday or Sunday morning at our various sites. Our work continues throughout the year, and you are always welcome to become part of our group of dedicated and passionate volunteers.

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